about simeon

a life of creativity


Simeon Schatz makes art in everything he touches. With over 30 years as an intuitive visual artist, he applies these diverse experiences to tightly focus on modern commercial web enterprises, personalities and to complex digital projects. Simeon also manages high level teams across the archway path from conceptual creative, through the production process, and into negotiating winning digital strategies and campaigns for his many happy clients.

He is highly specialized in a variety of medias, from digital and film photography, to visual identity, website design and experiential interaction. Simeon brings a deeper sense of what people want to see, and consistently delivers crisp results to everything he agrees to take on.

This website is an edited view of the various medias and mediums that have forged much of his modern approaches to web based projects and entrepreneurial endeavors . He is both a corporate officer managing start-up companies in the tech space, and an active member of the Squarespace Circle community of professional web designers.

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